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Anxiety and Depression: What are the Causes and Possible Remedies? Excessive Worries Can Cause Generalized Anxiety disorder

Anxiety and Depression: What are the Causes and Possible Remedies?

Anxiety and depression do not call for any concern as long as they do not interrupt an individual’s day-to-day living. In fact, normal anxiety can ignite or propel an individual to action. Only Chronic Anxiety and Depression Call for Concern Generally, anxiety and depression are moods that are common to the average person. However, when […]

Excessive Worries Can Cause Generalized Anxiety disorder

Generalized anxiety shows certain symptoms and characteristics, but the major ones are uncontrollable and excessively worry about virtually every situation. One of the major signs to look out for in generalized anxiety is that the length of time in terms of the anxiety that the individual is experiencing is grossly disproportional to the real cause […]

Children’s Anxiety: The Different Types

When anxiety sets in, it takes complete control of the affected person’s life, especially the chronic type of anxiety. The condition leaves the individual feeling totally helpless and all alone. The condition gets even worse when children are involved since a child is barely able to differentiate between normal fear and the one that is […]

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Treating Anxiety with Prozac – What You Need to Know

Adopting Prozac for anxiety is not the most popular manner to use Prozac. The actual use of Prozac is for depression as the substance is usually prescribed for depression. However, there are certain instances in which Prozac will help relieve anxiety, particularly panic attacks and obsessive compulsive disorder. How Does Prozac Work? Generally, Prozac evens […]

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Separation Anxiety in Kids

Separation anxiety usually sets in when a kid is about to say good bye to people close to him in his early years. It’s usually a teary moment accompanied with tantrums. This type of anxiety is usually witnessed at an early age before a child turns one. The child becomes easily irritated when parents or […]

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Social Anxiety is the Third Largest Psychological Problem Today

Due to its common occurrence, social anxiety is said to rank third among the psychological ailments in the world today. There is yet no clear insight about this psychological problem despite its common occurrence. Characteristics of Social Anxiety Disorder Different types of signs and symptoms usually accompany social anxiety. One of the major manifestations is […]

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Stress and Anxiety Requires Immediate Intervention

Simply put, stress is seen to be an emotional problem, while anxiety is regarded as a psychiatric problem. When someone is experiencing a stressful condition, the individual tends to be increasingly angry, frustrated or anxious. Some things that cause stress to certain people may not produce stressful conditions to others. Anxiety on its own is […]

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Depression and Anxiety: Finding the Right Treatment

Depression and anxiety are difficult conditions to live with as they completely mess up the day-to-day living of an individual. In fact, suffering either of the conditions can be terrible, and a combination of both conditions makes life almost unbearable. The good news is that anyone suffering from these conditions can find appropriate treatments for […]

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